Message from President, TOAB

Shiblul Azam Koreshi


I am delighted to pay the heartiest gratitude to my beloved and honorable members for honoring me by electing my full board of directors where I get the chance to lead this organization as the President. I salute your honor, love, and trust in me that I could lead my current BoD to develop our organization and the sector of Tourism in Bangladesh with your kind support. Where it also gives me and my BoD much more responsibilities to look after the welfare of TOAB members.
Hence, we must include everyone to develop Inbound, Domestic, and Outbound tourism by finding out the various dimensional ways. We must try to develop relations & business partnerships with a different government, private, domestic, and foreign agencies by signing MOU/contracts and bilateral discussions.
We know and believe that Bangladesh has vast opportunities and potential in the field of tourism. Now a day our government is very much interested to improve our domestic. We will side by side will expand our hand to participate in the Government programs & Local and International Tourism Organizations so that better collaboration may achieve in the sector of Bangladesh and the Global Tourism sector.

This TOAB website is a kind of source where all members & users get their required information. This website is a dynamic document & regularly needs to update the information. We tried our best to make it user-friendly & full of tourism-related information.

Again, I remember our commitment given to you and take the sincere effort to fulfill the commitment.

We always welcome your suggestion, advice & opinion for the betterment related to our Tourism, Organization, and Members.

May the Tourism and the TOAB Live Forever.
Long Live Bangladesh.

Dated: 05th June 2022