TOAB Members' Directory 2020-21 Download and Reading online

I am very much pleased and proud to see that the TOAB Members’ Directory 2020-2021 is published. It has contained the updated information of all the Members of TOAB. I hope this Directory will be useful to TOAB Members, Travel Agents, Government Officials, Airlines, Tourism Stakeholders, individuals, and concerned organizations.
We have tried heart and soul to make the directory more effective with the updated information. We have also given our highest sincerity and care to publish the latest edition of TOAB Members’ Directory 2020-2021.
Any lapses on our part of the publication may kindly be considered as a matter beyond our knowledge and we accept to be accused of such shortcoming.  Any suggestion from you for further improvement of this TOAB Members’ Directory in the future will be highly appreciated.
I would like to thank from deep of my heart to our beloved Hon'ble President, 1st Vice President, Vice President, Board of Directors, TOAB Printing Related Steering Committee Members, all the Hon'ble Members of TOAB and TOAB Secretariat those who have extended their restless support and co-operation in bringing out the TOAB Members’ Directory 2020-2021. I would also like to thank the companies who provide us with their company advertisement to support us. A special thanks go to Bangladesh Tourism Board for providing us with materials regarding Bangladesh Tourism and supporting us in every aspect.
My heartfelt gratitude and congratulation to those who had the initiatives and efforts to get the TOAB Members’ Directory 2020-2021 in reality.

Mohammed Shahed Ullah
 Director (Media & Publication)
Tour Operators Association of Bangladesh (TOAB)


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